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New York Giants News: Cuts beginning to trickle in

Just got this off the Tweeters:

From Mike Garafolo:

Looks like WR Taye Biddle + OL Terrance Pennington have been cut. Their lockers are cleared out.

Stoney Woodson gone as well. That leaves one more cut to be made.

From Ralph Vacchiano:

OL Terrance Pennington, WR Taye Biddle and CB Stoney Woodson appear to be 3 of the 4 cuts. Their lockers are cleaned out.

David Tyree is in the building, by the way. First cuts due tomorrow, but could come today

That's all so far. I'll keep an ear to the Twitter ground for any more info.

UPDATE: 12:45, just saw this from Ralph V, could be something, could be nothing.

WR Sinorice Moss talked to a coach about not playing much Saturday. He didn't really get a good answer. He's still on the bubble.