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Who will be the first to go?

The Giants have to trim their roster from 80 to 75 by Tuesday, as do all of the other teams in the NFL. The first move will be to put running back Andre Brown on injured reserve, meaning they have to drop four players.

Who will go? These are the guys I would cut right now if I was making the decisions -- which, of course, I'm not.

  • David Tyree -- I still don't see any way this classy hero of the Super Bowl 42 makes this team. Tyree still wants to play, and perhaps the best thing the Giants could do for him is to let go now. That way he has a legitimate shot to hook on somewhere else before teams finalize their rosters.
  • Orrin Thompson -- The 6-foot-6, 320-pound rookie guard from Duke has zero shot at making the team. Actually, he is one of several backup offensive lineman about whom that could be said. Actually, you could cut several of them rght now and be done with it. The only problem there is you want to get through Thursday's pre-season finale against New England without having to use the starters very much. So, you need to keep some of these guys. Thompson, though, can go now.
  • Robert Henderson -- The 2008 7th-round pick is a spare defensive end on a team loaded with spare defensive ends. Another guy who has no chance to make the team, and has really done nothing in camp. Time to cut ties.
  • Shaun Bodiford -- The Giants have 10 receivers on the roster, and Bodiford is No. 10 on the list. He has no shot at making the 53-man roster, and the Giants still have a lot of other guys they need to look at Thursday night. Bodiford is expendable, even if the Giants also release Tyree.

So, what do you think of my list? Let me know what four players you would cut -- and why.