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Land of the Giants: Post-game notes and quotes

Here is some of what is being written and said in the wake of the New York Giants' 27-25 pre-season loss to the New York Jets Saturday night.

Eli Manning discussing the drops by the wide receivers. (Full transcript)

Drops are apart of football. We need to get them out of the way and keep working on them and keep throwing and some guys will make some big plays and make some great catches. Our receivers have been doing it all training camp so it’s apart of the game. You have to deal with some drops but you got to keep throwing and keep working.

Tom Coughlin (Full transcript)

On the wide receivers

There were some inconsistencies, obviously, and we can’t have that. We had some opportunities for big plays that we didn’t convert. We dropped balls, so that has to improve. I thought Hakeem Nicks played well. I thought he made some plays, he created some opportunities for us to see him and his contribution and how he might be utilized. Manningham had a couple of plays, but then he dropped a ball there on the sideline late in the game. We just keep working, what can I tell you?

On the defense

We are not anywhere near where we need to be. I think we did a little bit better, I didn’t see the stats, but I think we did a little bit better against the run, although I may be wrong there. We didn’t get the pressure on the quarterback that we would have liked to have. We gave up some plays in the secondary that we just shouldn’t give up. The one touchdown on the crossing pattern should not have happened. It was a heck of a play by the young quarterback just to stay alive, but the receiver never should have been that open.

David Carr on his touchdown passes to Hakeem Nicks (Full transcript)

The Jets were bringing pressure so we were all trying to get on the same page. They brought it so I just gave Hakeen a "go" route on the first one. He ended up going right by the guy. I just put it up and gave him a chance to make a play on the ball and he did a great job doing it. On the second one it was actually a good read by him. The corner came and the guy sat on him and he read it and ran right by him. It might have been a blown coverage but either way Hakeen read it right. It was a good play by him especially being so young in his career.

Nicks discussing the 71-yard touchdown (Full transcript)

I think that me and David (Carr) were on the same page. I read the corner blitz and the safety was flat footed to the inside, so I just converted my route to a go route and we were on the same page and just connected.

Other Notes