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Hakeem Nicks post-game, 08.29.09

Q: How was picking up the blitz, were you able to find the open spot?

Yes, I think that me and David (Carr) were on the same page. I read the corner blitz and the safety was flat footed to the inside, so I just converted my route to a go route and we were on the same page and just connected.

Q: There were a lot of dropped passes in tonight’s game but you made a lot of catches and made some plays. How important is that to you?

It’s important. I felt that I went out there and played like I should have. I made up for it but at the same time you have to keep on competing and take it day by day.

Q: How are you performing and getting acclimated to the new system?

I feel good but at the same time I’m still trying to feel comfortable, and I’m trying to play within the system and make plays when my name is called on.

Q: What do you make of the drop in the third quarter?

I make no excuses. It (the ball) came my way and I should have had it. But, I bounced back from it, and I just have to keep making plays.

Q: Did it (dropped ball) motivate you a little more in the fourth quarter?

Once I got up, I forgot about it. As a receiver, you’ve got to forget and forgive really quick. By that next play, I had forgotten all about it.