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Giants Training Camp: A few early "tweets" from Day One

Ed's live on the scene, but I just wanted to pass along a few "tweets" coming in from Day One of Giants camp. Welcome to the new world boys and girls:

From Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News:

DE Justin Tuck not practicing this morning. He's expected to go this afternoon.

Everyone else -- including DT Barry Cofield is working (except the PUPs of course).

2nd play of camp: False start, Kareem McKenzie. 3rd play: Jay Alford offsides ....

First pass of camp: Deep wobbler by Eli into triple coverage ... Ugh. Can we start over?

Good news? Spring star Sinorice Moss still flying by defenders deep ...

And from Mike Garafolo of

Kenny Phillips just made a ridiculous break on a ball to pick off a hook from Eli to Hixon in 7-on-7s

There's your 1st completion: Carr to Moss deep right. Webster slipped as Moss gave a little juke move.

It's still early, folks, but Eli is 0-for-3 and Tyree just dropped a ball right in his hands

For those of you that use Twitter, you can follow Ralph and Mike by clicking the links above. I will try and drop a few bits and pieces in here as the day goes on.