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Giants pick up where they left off -- talking about legal stuff

New season, same story. That means everyone around the New York Giants is talking about Plaxico Burress -- who, of course, is gone -- Antonio Pierce, and legal issues.

Until Pierce finds out whether or not he will be charged in the Burress' gun fiasco the situation has to be a distraction. Players and coaches say, of course, that it isn't. But, the fact that they have to keep asking questions about it has to be a distraction of some sort.

Coach Tom Coughlin called it a "very serious matter."

Defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan said this:

"Honestly, it will not be a distraction. We’ve got a bunch of professional guys that will be very focused on the task at hand, which is getting ready for the season and the few weeks that we’re up here in Albany and it will not be a distraction.

Nice try, Bill. But, judging from Sunday morning it is. At least for now. Player after player was asked about AP while they were unpacking Sunday morning.

Eli Manning said "There’s nothing we can do about it right now. Everybody here needs to focus on their job, making sure they’re thinking about football and getting prepared to play."

Justin Tuck said "It’s a situation where we don’t know all the details. When Antonio gets here he’ll be asked those questions. It’s a great concern of ours and we wish him the best."

Brandon Jacobs said "We can’t do a thing about what’s going on with Antonio. We just pray and hope that he comes out of this okay so that he can play some football, but we don’t have any control of that here and we just have to get ready for camp and get ready for the grind."

Danny Clark said "AP is my fearless leader and I take my hat off to him for keeping his head on straight despite all his distractions. All I can do is support him as friend and then as a teammate."

We just have to hope that Pierce won't be charged, and that whatever decision is made comes down soon. So the Giants can finally move on for good.