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New York Giants should look to deal Sinorice Moss

<strong>Sinorice Moss</strong> <a href="">
(Photo by bkrieger02</a>)
Sinorice Moss (Photo by bkrieger02)

It is time for the New York Giants to trade Sinorice Moss. In fact, I know a lot of you would say it is past time for that to happen.

Moss has had a pretty good pre-season. He did well during camp at UAlbany, especially early on. When it comes right down to it, though, the diminutive fourth-year wide receiver from the University of Miami is looking at another season without a real role on this team.

That's been the case for the 5-foot-8, 185-pound speedster ever since his rookie year. He has never been able to translate the blinding speed and good hands into production on the field, and has just 38 catches over three seasons. He has also returned 18 kickoffs, with only marginal success.

From the looks of things, he is staring at the same type of season again -- meaning, being an afterthought.

At receiver, Domenik Hixon and Steve Smith are penciled in as starters. Moss was listed as third receiver when training camp began, but that seems more like it was a courtesy extended to a veteran who has paid his dues.

Mario Manningham seems to be the No. 3 guy right now. The Giants also seem determined to move No. 1 pick Hakeem Nicks up the ladder as quickly as they can. At the first sign he was fully healed from his training camp hamstring woes, Nicks began getting some reps with Eli Manning. Right now, my guess is he is No. 4.

At best, that makes Moss No. 5. And what sense does it make for the Giants to allow Moss, who can make some plays but has obvious physical limitations, to take opportunities away from either Nicks or the sensational third-round pick, Ramses Barden? To me, none.

Looking even further down the list, Derek Hagan has had a better camp than Moss and at 6-2, 215 probably has more to offer as a pass-catching target. Besides, the only real difference between Hagan (53 catches in three years with Miami) is that the Giants drafted Moss and the Dolphins drafted Hagan.

As a return guy, Moss has never shown the explosive big-play ability you might think his speed would lead to. Right now, he is probably the backup punt returner to Manningham and part of a kickoff return rotation with Danny Ware, Ahmad Bradshaw and maybe even Nicks or Hixon.

So, that would make Moss a backup kick returner and spare part wide receiver. Again.

I know there are teams out there hunting for wide receiver help. Saturday's opponent, the New York Jets, is one. The Baltimore Ravens are another.

Please don't harbor the illusion that General Manager Jerry Reese could get a useful player, like a backup offensive lineman, for Moss. Those kinds of trades don't go down in the NFL at this time of year. What Reese probably could get is a draft pick, say anywhere from the 5th to the 7th round.

That might not seem like a lot, but stockpiling draft picks in return for players you probably can't use is always a good idea. And we know Reese has had a habit of striking gold with some of those late picks.

Getting himself dealt somewhere might be the best thing Moss ever does for the Giants. And it might be good for his career, too.

(-- Sinorice Moss player page)