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A chat with Newsday's Tom Rock

One of the great things about spending a few weeks on the sidelines during New York Giants training camp at UAlbany was getting to know some of the folks who cover this team on a regular basis.

Last week I posted a two-part conversation with one of those guys, the Star-Ledger's Mike Garafolo. Another guy I got to know a little bit is the eminently approachable and likeable Tom Rock of Newsday.

Rock and I talked about doing a Q&A style chat several times during camp. Somehow, we didn't get around to it until Tuesday afternoon while Tom was driving up the Thruway and I was sitting on my deck at home. Here is the main audio portion of our conversation.

-- Tom Rock Interview

I think you will like some of the things Rock has to say about the Jets, the depth of the Giants defense and the impressive play of Clint Sintim in camp. Thanks to Tom for taking the time.