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Land of the Giants: End of Training Camp Edition


Every time a New York Giant gets injured this preseason, I have awful flashbacks to the Mets' lost season. Hopefully this doesn't become an epidemic for the Giants like it did for the Mets - I can't handle the prospect of watching 3rd and 4th stringers playing a majority of the season as starters. So get better Aaron, and stay healthy everyone else! Here's a few links for your reading (and viewing) pleasure:

  • Here's a pretty cool video from ESPN featuring the Giants nutritionist talking about the dietary needs of various players. Brandon Jacobs is a large man, and based on his milkshake preference, it's no surprise. Rich Seubert mostly jokes around, but David Diehl seems like he really knows what he's talking about and takes his nutrition seriously. And Eli is the resident healthy eater, which doesn't surprise me too much.
  • Chris Canty is receiveing Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy for his torn hamstring, the same procedure which got Hines Ward onto the field for Super Bowl XLIII. I don't know the science behind it, but hopefully it works, the Giants could really use a healthy Canty.
  • Ralph Vachianno looks back on training camp and answers his 5 biggest questions that he posed back in July. 3 of the 5 answers don't look too great right now, but at least there's been good news about Ahmad Bradshaw, Sinorice Moss, and Gerris Wilkinson. Ralph also gives out his training camp awards, which all sound about right if you've been following Ed's reports. All in all, I'd say this training camp wasn't a smashing success, but it also wasn't a total bust - the Eagles have had a tougher camp than the Giants for sure. When it's all said and done, however, nobody will care much about training camp a month from now, so I can't get too worked up over it one way or the other.
  • Finally, some news about the Giants future at the University of Albany.