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Blogger journal: Chronicling the experience

I have not done a 'blogger journal' since early in New York Giants training camp. Well, Monday afternoon I took my 13-year-old son to camp and let him shoot pictures with my digital camera.

He was shooting from the bleachers with a small digital camera, but he got some good shots. And, more importantly, he enjoyed himself. Despite the fact that he is a Patriots' fan (yeah, I know, but I love him anyway).

So, indulge me this morning while I share with you some of the photos from the more than 200 that he shot.


Eli Manning enters practice via 'Autograph Alley' as fans look on.


Just to prove I actually have been at camp, that is me to the right overseeing the pre-practice stretching routine.


A view of practice from the bleacher area just behind the fence.


An overview of the proceedings from up in the bleachers. Can you find me in this photo?


My son has great admiration for the members of our Armed Forces, as do the Giants.


A view of the hill behind the first practice field. 'Bigbluethruandthru' is probably up there somewhere.


I believe these are Giants' players milling around after the skirmish between Darcy Johnson and Bruce Johnson.


Eli Manning calls signals during a Red Zone drill. Yes, I know Tom Coughlin calls it the 'Green Zone.'


Justin Tuck (91) prepares to rush the passer as Eli barks signals.


Derek Hagan (80) scampers away from Gerris Wilkinson (59) after a catch.


As you can see, not everyone was riveted to the action on the practice field.


Rhett Bomar prepares to take a snap.


Defensive linemen ready to take off.

(All photos by Ryan Valentine)