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New York Giants' Steve Smith aims to step into the limelight

Before he hit the road for training camp in Albany, Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News posted a great piece on New york Giants' wide receiver Steve Smith.

Here is the money quote from Smith, who is beginning his third year.

Deep inside that calm, cool exterior he desperately wants to become Manning's go-to guy.

"I definitely want that opportunity," Smith says. "When we need a big play I want to be the guy that they come to. And I want the lights on me when it's tough and everybody's sweating and bloody. I want to be that guy that makes the big play."

Smith is always open, it seems, catches everything and was often a great security blanket for Eli Manning in 2008, when he caught 57 balls.

It would not surprise me at all if Smith significantly betters that mark this year, and becomes the go-to guy he wants to be.