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New York Giants training camp: Wednesday evening practice report

Here is your Wednesday evening practice report from New York Giants training camp at UAlbany.

Let's start with this. Eli Manning has talked all through camp about the Giants needing to get the ball deep for big plays. Tonight, the deep ball was on full display and Eli threw the ball as well or better than he has the entire camp.

  • During 1-on-1 drills Eli hit Derek Hagan deep down the right side. Hagan leaped over DeAndre Wright for a spectacular grab.
  • In 11-on-11 action, Eli ran play action and hit Sinorice Moss in stride deep after Moss had blown past Michael Johnson.
  • Andre Woodson then hit Ramses Barden on a nicely thrown deep ball. Barden beat fellow rookie Stoney Woodson on the play. By the way, those two have been matched up most of camp and have to be tired of looking at each other by now.
  • Manning hit Mario Manningham on a deep corner route near the end of practice. This was a beautifully thrown ball over Terrell Thomas.

There were several other well-thrown balls by Eli.

  • A softly thrown ball to Darcy Johnson over the linebackers and in front of the safeties.
  • A floater to Moss down the left sideline that Thomas could not stop.
  • A zinger to Michael Matthews down the right seam in 7-on7 action.

Here are some other observations from Wednesday evening's action.

  • The split personality that is Manningham was again on display. After a morning session in which he did both great and God-awful things, Mario was at it again in the evening. He caught that long ball from Manning. But, earlier, he had dropped a back shoulder throw from Eli. A drop that earned him a sideline lecture -- apparently for not properly running the route.
  • David Carr scares the daylights out of me. Every time his first option isn't there he gets fidgety and starts moving around. As good as Eli was tonight, Carr was just as bad. On one throw, he scrambled out of the pocket and fired the ball into the crowd standing on the sideline. Moss, one of the receivers on the play, reacted by muttering "what the hell was that?" Hey, Sinorice, don't feel bad. I was wondering the same thing.
  • Lawrence Tynes went 3-for-4 in field goals, hitting from 20, 29 and 30 yards. He missed right from 35.
  • David Tyree had a bad drop, failing to hold a deep out from Woodson when he had clearly gotten open.