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NFL news: Brett Favre a Viking after all

[UPDATE: Favre to Minnesota is no longer just a rumor.]

Great reaction today from our Minnesota Vikings blog, The Daily Norseman, on the speculation by Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, that Brett Favre will play for the Vikings this season. Glazer, by the way, is now reporting that Favre to Minnesota is a "done deal."

No, no, no, no, no. The Favre thing is over, even if folks like Glazer are still relying on him to draw attention to their articles. There's no going back from the moment in the end of July when Favre told the Vikings he wanted to stay in retirement -- he's more than welcome to play for another team, but just not the Vikings.

This lingered over the Vikings for nearly three months during the offseason. Letting it continue any longer would be an inexcusable mistake, as this team needs to do whatever it can to move on and rally behind whichever quarterback wins the competition and becomes the starter. A continuation of Favregeddon would irreparably harm the credibility of nearly everyone involved in making personnel decisions for the organization.

  • At least when Kevin Gilbride traded punches with Buddy Ryan he wasn't a head coach. I thought about that when I read the story about Oakland coach Tom Cable reportedly punching an assistant.