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Osi Umenyiora, 08.17.09

Q. Granted this is the preseason, but it must feel good to be back out there, making some nice plays.

A. It felt good, but that’s what I expect to do every time I go out there. You know the way the game is, some times you make those plays, some times you don’t. So I mean I’m happy with the way the team played and that I had an opportunity to be out there.

Q. Did it feel weird to be back out there? Did it take you some time to get readjusted to the speed of the game?

A. I wasn’t even really thinking about that out there. Honestly, when I was out there, it felt like I had never really left. I’ve been here so long—maybe if I had been here for like a year or two years, but I mean seven years…I felt right at home.

Q. Was this game special to you, or was it just another preseason game?

A. I’m just ready to go. We’ve got one down, and we’ve got three more to go. I just want to get to the regular season and continue to progress from here.

Q. It was tough to see, did your hand get a piece of (Jake Delhomme’s) arm?

A. I’ve got to go watch it myself, because I don’t know. I just know that I saw him and I made the play.

Q. The defense looked impressive out there, you guys forced five turnovers.

A. It’s a good thing, it’s one thing to do that in practice, but it’s nice to see it carry over to the actual game…it was very nice to see.