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'Kudos & Wet Willies:' Yes, it's back

Veteran members of Big Blue View Nation know the drill. The morning after each game we review the previous day's proceedings 'Kudos & Wet Willies' style. That means we gives 'Kudos' to the best performers and use 'Wet Willies' to heap scorn upon the worst.

So, let's get started with the first 'Kudos & Wet Willies' post of the 2009 season.


Kudos to ...
  • Tommie Hill: Produced what ESPN termed "the greatest finish in pre-season football history." Hill snagged a ball batted away from Hunter Cantwell by Leger Douzable and ran it about 20 yards for a game-winning score on the final play. Hill probably won't make the team, but he will have a great story to tell.
  • Ahmad Bradshaw: Watching Bradshaw last night had to bring a smile to the faces of Giants fans. He looked quick. He looked elusive. He looked strong. He looked ready to become the big-time part of the offense many have thought he should have been the past two seasons.
  • Osi Umenyiora: Flew around right end to strip the ball from a helpless Jake Delhomme, showing that last season's knee injury won't slow him down this season. And, he did not get hurt.

"It felt good. It's great to be back out there. This is a good start," Umenyiora said. "I'm paid to hit the quarterback. That's what I do."

  • Clint Sintim: Still has much to learn as a stand-up every down linebacker. As a pure pass rusher though, especially from defensive end, Sintim showed Monday night that he can already be a force. Gee, and the Giants sure did need another terrific edge rusher. Now, how do they get him on the field?
  • Adam Koets: The backup center made it through a whole game without messing up an exchange. Amazing, since I don't think he has made it through an entire practice without leaving a ball on the ground.
  • Mario Manningham: A nifty 22-yard punt return, and a nice catch on a ball from Eli Manning that was nullified by a penalty.
  • Travonti Johnson: The backup safety had a team-high seven tackles. I barely noticed him during the game, and that is probably a good thing.
  • David Carr: Anyone willing to sacrifice his body with a John Elway leap in the first exhibition game gets 'Kudos.' Aside from one play where he bailed out of the pocket too quickly, I thought Carr looked pretty good.
  • Stoney Woodson: The seventh-round pick had an interception and a fumble recovery.
  • Jon Gruden: I have never liked the guy. I will give him credit, though. He speaks his mind clearly and thoughtfully, and he seems pretty entertaining in the booth as part of the Monday Night Football crew.
Wet Willies to ...
  • Lawrence Tynes: Yeah, yeah, pre-season game, he missed a bunch of last week with a minor leg injury, yadda, yadda, yadda. Sorry, not buying. After what John Carney did last season, missing your first effort -- a very makeable 43-yarder with no wind -- is not a good beginning for the Giants' kicker. He made a 46-yarder later, but I was already annoyed with him.
  • Andre Woodson: The NFL game still looks too fast for the former University of Kentucky star. Woodson has been terrific in camp -- with no pass rushers threatening to decapitate him. In real game conditions last night, however, Woodson threw a bad interception and looked indecisive. He will have to do better than that to hold off Rhett Bomar for a spot on this team.
  • The punt team: Somebody screwed up a blocking assignment, allowing a Jeff Feagles punt to be blocked. Sadly, I think it was David Tyree. He was the gunner on the play and jumped inside rather than taking the player off the corner, resulting in the kick being blocked. Tyree seems to have little chance to make this team, and special teams mistakes won't help.
Other notables

Danny Ware had a beautiful 36-yard touchdown run on a screen pass. Nice plays from rookie runing back Allen Patrick and defensive end Maurice Evans, as well.

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