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Eli Manning on his deal, and more

Here is New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning talking about his newly-signed contract.

I’m happy to be here, this is where I wanted to be. The Giants, I feel, are one of the greatest organizations, if not the best, in the NFL and it’s an honor to be part of the Giants and play quarterback in New York. It’s something I worked hard to try and become a better player, and done everything to help out the Giants. I’m excited to know that I’ll be here for six, seven more years.

Here is the full Eli transcript from his Friday press conference.

Here is General Manager Jerry Reese on the signing.

Well, he’s our franchise quarterback, and we’ve been in the playoffs for the last four years, and he’s done everything we ask him to do. Again, I think I told you this last week—you know…he does everything we ask him to do on the field and off the field and it’s really over with, it’s really not a story. You guys wrote about it, talked about it…it’s really not a story at this point, it’s over. The contract is signed and we’re moving on.

Here is the full Reese transcript

Here are transcripts of several other interviews from Friday.