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Touring SB Nation: It's time for some games


As the NFL exhibition schedule gets into full swing, let's tour SB Nation and see what the other fine football bloggers are talking about.

The current camp doesn't have the glitz and the showmanship that we saw last year. It's more like boot camp. You're there to learn your job, perfect your skills, and learn how to cover your buddies six-o'clock when the bullets are flying. Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett seem to be slugging it out with their best tactics, trying out what works and simultaneously preparing each others troops for the rigors of what will come.

The interviews are more subdued, the players and coaches seem more humble this year.

Valentine's View: The Cowboys, and their fans, have been all talk and no results for years. I will believe things are actually different in Big D when -- at the end of the season -- the results prove it.