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Land of the Giants: Team Report; Boley's Situation; and Available Free Agents


Good morning, Giants fans. Here are a few links to occupy you until Ed's next live report from camp:

Here's the Giants team report from Fox Sports. A few interesting tidbits to note:

  • There was some talk right after the draft about Hakeem Nicks' poor showing on the Wonderlic exam, but according to this report he scored a 1380 on the SAT and was an early acceptance at UNC.
  • The Giants might be making their first cuts sometime during the next week, and may be looking to trade some of their depth for a 2010 draft pick
  • Great quote from Jerry Reese: "We have enough to win, win big and win it all." Bold words from the GM, but I happen to agree with him.

Mike Garafolo reports on the waiting game currently being played by Michael Boley, who is 7 weeks into an 8-10 week recovery plan from offseason surgery and who will miss the season opener no matter what due to suspension.

I'm excited for Boley to get onto the field, because I'm expecting a big bounce back season for him after a down year in Atlanta last year. That said, I think the suspension may be a blessing in disguise, because instead of pushing himself to be ready for week 1, he has an extra week to recover from surgery and hopefully avoid any complications. If this baseball season has conditioned me for one thing, it's to dread the word "setback," so take your time, Michael!

Finally, has a list of the best available offensive and defensive free agents. There are some pretty sexy names on that list - if it was 1999, that is. We've talked a bit about the Giants struggles to find a backup center, so that was the first position I checked out, and there were a few intriguing options, including the familiar Jason Whittle, who played for the Giants from '98-'02 and again in '04 and '05, and who can play multiple positions on the line.