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Land of the Giants: Back to football, please

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The first training camp practice is just two days away for our New York Giants. I am just as anxious as you guys are to get going, maybe more so.

You know, I spent 20 years working for newspapers. But, it's been more than a decade since I have stood on the sidelines playing the role of reporter. Admittedly, I will be a tad nervous Monday morning when practice starts.

Anyway, to pass the time while we wait for that first practice, let's check out stories making news today around the land of the Giants.

"We're confident that the facts support the proposition that Mr. Pierce acted as any civilian in a similar circumstance would have acted," Bachner said.

Let's hope Bachner is right, and that he isn't just posturing. You know, lawyers never do that.

It really all depends on health. If the top seven guys on the depth chart can stay on the field, the Giants will be just fine, and probably even a little better than expected. However, if the depth of this secondary is forced into action, there’s really no way of knowing how it’ll play out. We’ll take the optimistic lean and say that the young vets will indeed get the job done in 2009.

Valentine's View: In general, I will agree with that assessment. I think the Giants are deep at cornerback, and I won't worry about that spot unless I start having to see a lot of Stoney Woodson or DeAndre Wright on the field. I have no worries about Michael Johnson or Kenny Phillips at safety, but an injury to one of those guys could be problematic. C.C. Brown is adequate at best, and there isn't another proven safety on the roster.

  • Keeping Eli Manning safe is always a priority for the Giants. With that in mind, I have to note a bit of a different story about Eli that I came across Friday. Seems Eli will be wearing a new type of helmet when he hits the field this season.

Valentine's View: Eli has never had concussion issues. As far as I'm concerned, whatever works as long as it keeps him healthy.

  • Here's one for the old-timers (are you reading, George?), and anyone who loves football history. Legendary Giants quarterback Y.A. Tittle recently sat down for a Q&A with the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Here are a couple of snippets.

-- On the legendary 1964 photo of him on his knees, blood trickling down his face, near the end of a 27-24 loss to Pittsburgh.

I really don't remember the ballgame because I was knocked out. I didn't really regain consciousness until the end of the game. I missed a lot of the events. The picture ended up winning awards and getting a lot of attention. At first I didn't care to see it. But as the years have gone by, I'm sort of proud to be in it.

-- On falling short in three NFL championship games.

That hurts. I was a bit embarrassed to lose those championship games. I regret the fact that, in all three of the title games with the Giants, we had to play on an icy field. We were a passing team, so it handicapped us. You were forced to wear tennis shoes and you couldn't grip the football. No excuses, though. We got beat.