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Boley situation is no joke

In light of linebacker Michael Boley's recent one-game suspension by the NFL for domestic battery, the usually first-class Jason over at the Eagles' blog 'Bleeding Green Nation', decided to take a lame cheap shot at Boley and the New York Giants.

The Giants look to have really hit a homerun with one of their biggest free agent signings of the offseason. ...

What a tough guy huh?

Maybe after meeting Mr Jason Peters this year, Boley will have some idea of how his wife must have felt when some bully bigger than her was throwing her around.

Ahh, Jason, did you really have to go there? We have spent the off-season getting along splendidly, by-and-large, with Eagles fans. Now you had to go and stir the pot.

I am not going to excuse Boley for allegedly beating his wife. If he is guilty, the punishment is deserved. All I can say is I will remember this the next time an Eagles' player does something wrong. Besides, I know it's not an Eagle but it isn't like no Philadelphia athlete has ever been arrested for pulling his wife by the hair and beating the snot out of her in public.