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How some Giants are spending the summer


It's vacation time for many of the New York Giants players as the off-season moves slowwwwwwly toward next monh's training camp at UAlbany.

Thought I would poke around and see what some of the players are up to as they get ready to go back to work full-time. Twitter and player Web pages are good for something, you see.

  • Running back Danny Ware isn't really taking a vacation. Ware is serious about getting some of those carries vacated by Derrick Ward when he bolted to Tampa Bay, and the other day he wrote about it on his blog.

I’m not doing much lately except trying to get into the best shape of my life. Even though we have 4 weeks until we report for training camp on August 2nd it’s all about football right now for me. There’s never a day off. ...

I got a ring when the Giants won the Super Bowl but I gotta earn one on the field. I basically had the best seat in the house for that one. I want to be a part of the offense and help the team win the Super Bowl, then I’ll have more memories to go with the ring.

I hope Ware gets his wish. He's a good guy with a golden opportunity. I would love to see him capitalize on it.

  1. 4 weeks til the seaon kicks off.. I know alot of people are wondering what they will see from AP, all i can say is that I plan on BALLIN ..
  2. I believe if we stay healthy as a team, there is no doubt we will be in the race for another Championship.
  • New Giants' lineman Chris Canty, signed as a free agent from Dallas, recently sat down for a chat with Canty admitted he did not think he would end up with the Giants when free agency began.

I have to admit, I was a little surprised. New York wanted me to come up and visit, and I was a little surprised that they would be a viable option, but they really did step up to the plate. As for the financial piece of it, while there were other teams willing to offer more money, it was getting the opportunity to play on a championship-caliber football team, a team that’s very, very young and has a lot of talent – that’s going to be right there for a long time to come. So I’m excited about it.