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Fantasy Football Friday

Here are a few Fantasy Football notes for those of you scouring the Inter-Google for info as you prepare for your draft.

  •'s Top 100 fantasy players has just one New York Giants on it. Brandon Jacobs checks in at No. 21. You should not be surprised by this. The Giants are not about individuals.
  • ESPN's list of Sleepers and Busts is not kind to the Giants. Both Eli Manning and the Giants' defense are in the 'bust' category. Eli is not a 'numbers' guy, so I can see that. The defense, though? That's harsh -- and wrong.
  • Yahoo! Sports is working its way through a series of position primers.
  • has a list of 20 Burning Questions to answer before your draft.
  • I'm not pointing to a specific story here, rather a Web site itself. One of the best sources of Fantasy Football info I know of -- and, as I have said, I am not a big-time FF expert -- is To me, if you are a serious player this site should be a regular stop for you.