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Land of the Giants: Counting down to camp

It's ... getting ... closer ... now. New York Giants' training camp is almost here. Thank God for that!

In the meantime, here is a look at some of the stories making news in the Land of the Giants as camp closes in.

  • Antonio Pierce to continue testimony today. I will be glad when this is over with. I have my fingers crossed that Pierce says what he has to say, comes clean and that this will be the end of it for him.
  • Ralph Vacchiano has a look at the Giants' injury situation heading into camp. The biggest question, as you might expect, is whether Fred Robbins' knee will land him on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list.
  • I did a '5 Questions' interview for the folks at 'GMenDen' that was published Thursday afternoon. It's a strange thing to be considered the expert. Here's a tidbit. I doubt the question will surprise, nor, if you have been here a while, the answer.

GMD: Do you expect any changes in the overall defensive game plan with Bill Sheridan leading the unit?

EV: Somewhat. The thing Sheridan talks about all the time that differs from Steve Spagnuolo is that he dislikes the zone blitz. Me, too. I hate, hate, hate seeing defensive linemen try to drop into coverage while safeties and corners come on the blitz. Let the guys who are paid to cover, cover. Let the guys who are paid to pass rush, pass rush. That said, the defense will still be an all-out attacking ‘eat the quarterback for lunch’ style of team.

Thanks to the folks at GMD. Please check out the full interview.

  • RealFootball365 compares the Jets and Giants and asks "Who should you root for as a Football Fan, Jets or Giants?" Umm ... gee, I need to think about that one.
  • Here is a short video interview with first-round pick Hakeem Nicks.
  • Running back Danny Ware has posted a new blog entry. Ware says he is more prepared, and comfortable, than he has ever been heading into a training camp.

I’m going to be a lot more confident than I was the last three years. I really feel like I have an opportunity to get on the field, I’m comfortable with the offense and I can play fast. Just have to get out there and show the coaches what I can do. In the past I didn’t really know the offense all the way. This year I got it down so I should be good going into camp, and anything new thrown in there I should be able to pick it up.

[NOTE: Check back here later on today. I have a little surprise I think you will appreciate.]