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Where does David Carr rank?

Since I am still annoyed by the Giants quarterback group being ranked 17th by FOX Sports (which is, basically, a diss of David Carr) I thought I would go down the list of backups and see where Carr fits.

I am going to break these guys down into tiers, rather than rank them 1-32. I think that is pretty impossible.

The top tier.

  • Jeff Garcia, Oakland -- This guy is not a superstar, but he is good enough that he shouldn't be stuck in Oakland backing up Jamarcus Russell.
  • Derek Anderson/Brady Quinn, Cleveland -- Both of these guys should be starting somewhere.
  • Jon Kitna, Cowboys -- I really hate to give Dallas credit, but this was a great move. If Tony Romo gets hurt Dallas actually has a real player they can turn to.
  • Tyler Thigpen, Kansas City -- This guy was pretty good last season despite winning just one of 11 starts. Not a horrible safety net for Matt Cassel.
  • Matt Leinart, Arizona -- On reputation alone. Only Kurt Warner's brilliance is keeping him on the bench.

Then, I believe there is a second tier. I think Carr goes in here. The others in that group include.

  • Seneca Wallace, Seattle.
  • Charlie Batch, Pittsburgh.
  • BIlly Volek, Chargers.
  • Chad Henne, Miami. This is based purely on potential, and what Bill Parcells apparently thinks of his future.
  • Todd Collins, Washington. Terrific fill in for a game or two.
  • Byron Leftwich, Tampa Bay. Always liked this guy's competitiveness.
  • Sage Rosenfels/Tarvaris Jackson, Minnesota. Putting them both here because you know who will be quarterbacking the Vikings this season.

The third tier.

  • Mark Brunell, New Orleans. Used to be fabulous, but now we have no clue what he has left.
  • Joey Harrington, New Orleans. Listed third on their depth chart, but fits here anwyway.
  • Josh McCown, Carolina.
  • J.T. O'Sullivan, San Francisco.A flop as a starter.
  • Chris Redman, Atlanta.
  • Dan Orlovsky, Houston.
  • Rex Grossman, Houston. Another third-stringer who needs a mention.
  • Troy Smith, Baltimore.
  • Vince Young, Tennessee. Sorry, but this guy is a terrible NFL quarterback. I don't care what he thinks.
  • Kyle Boller, St. Louis.
  • Todd Bouman, Jacksonville.
  • Daunte Culpepper, Detroit. Putting him here becase I think he ends up watching Matthew Stafford quarterack the Lions.
  • Kellen Clemens, New York Jets. Like Culpepper, I think he ends up watching Mark Sanchez take snaps.
  • Damon Huard, San Francisco.
  • Chris Simms, Denver.

Finally, the mostly unknown.

  • Kevin O'Connell, New England.
  • Jim Sorgi, Indianapolis.
  • Kevin Kolb, Philadelphia.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buffalo.
  • Matt Flynn, Green Bay.
  • Caleb Hanie, Chicago.

Your thoughts?