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When The Washington Post calls, I say 'yes'

For a while now The Washington Post, one of the best newspapers anywhere, has also been one of the best mainstream media Web sites when it comes to embracing the blogosphere.

The Post runs a terrific football blog it calls 'The League.' As part of the site, The Post has pulled together a panel of bloggers and other experts, including Archie Manning, former Redskins GM Bobby Beathard, Joe Theismann, Michael Wilbon and many others.

Somehow, yours truly has been given the privilege by The Post of being part of that panel. Recently, The Post asked me to contribute to a discussion about Eagles' team president Joe Banner saying "we have the best roster in the league.

I was thrilled to do so. Feel free to check it out. Here is some of what I had to say.

It seems all I have heard about the entire off-season is how great the 2009 Philadelphia Eagles will be. That is, when I haven't been hearing about Brett Favre, Plaxico Burress, Tom Brady or Michael Vick.

The Eagles are the flavor of the month -- the apple of everyone's eye and the paramour of the supposed experts. Well, I'm getting pretty tired of it. As are, I'm sure, Giants' fans everywhere.

Yes, the Eagles are good. Giants fans aren't stupid. They know that. As for Joe Banner's "we have the best roster in the league" comment? He is the team president, and he is supposed to believe that.

I don't have to buy it. And I am not going to.

The New York Giants have the best roster in the NFC. A deep, talented defense with a dominant defensive line that goes seven deep. A terrific offensive line. A Super Bowl winning quarterback. Depth and talent at running back. A slew of talented young -- if unproven -- receivers.

The Giants are the team to beat.