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Five stories I am already tired of

NFL teams begin opening their training camps in the next few days. Yet, even though the season has not officially started I am sure there are a bunch of stories you are already sick of hearing about.

Here is my top five.

  1. Brett Favre -- Will he or won't he? Yeah, he will. And I just don't care.
  2. Giants' wide receivers -- Unfortunately, we are going to hear something about this every week -- maybe even every day -- all season long.
  3. Plaxico Burress -- Happily, he is not the Giants' problem any longer. That, however, doesn't mean he won't make plenty of headlines.
  4. Michael Vick -- Will he get reinstated by the NFL? Sure he will, I don't think there is much doubt? Will someone take a chance on him? Sure. Will he be any good? He never was, except for when he was running around. So, why should that change now?
  5. Tom Brady -- I do believe ESPN thinks Brady is the first player in NFL history to have ever gotten hurt.

The most amazing thing about this whole list, to me, is that Terrell Owens isn't on it. Maybe that's because he's in Buffalo, and nobody cares.

Feel free to share your own lists.