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Fantasy Football Friday: Let's see where this goes

I am not a big Fantasy Football guru. In fact, I think last season when we had the Big Blue View Fanhouse League, something each SBN football blog had, was the first time I ever played.

That said, we all know Fantasy Football is a big deal. So, each Friday going forward we will give you a little something FF related. Usually, that will be what you can expect from Giants' players in regards to planning your drafts, setting your rosters, etc.

So, let's get started.

AOL Fanhouse recently broke down the Giants from a Fantasy perspective, and had this to say.

The Giants are going to be a productive team when it comes to winning on Sundays. But when it comes to fantasy football there is still a lot of enigma surrounding this team. They have arguably only one legitimate stud for fantasy purposes in Brandon Jacobs (unless you count the D/ST), several decent options and the rest are question marks based on potential only.

I would probably agree with that. The Giants may, collectively, have a terrific offense. They do not, however, have a bunch of individual stars.

BTW, Fanhouse lists Ahmad Bradshaw as a 'breakout' player, and Domenik Hixon as a likely 'bust' player.

This isn't Giants' related, but it's a pretty cool Fantasy promo. And it shows that Joe Flacco can really throw. Kudos to 'Extra Mustard'.