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Touring the Nation: Gotta do this more often

I really don't spend enough time pointing out the fabulous work being done by the other football bloggers here at sports Blogs Nation. I should do that regularly, and today I will begin attempting to do just that.

So, let's go Touring the Nation.

  • Food Critique of Washington Redskins' Chris Cooley's Sandwich - Hogs Haven
    HH: "Chris Cooley invented his own sandwich (Peanut Butter/Ham/Mustard), which he mentioned on ESPN .. .I made 3 and took them to a DC bar for a random taste test. When I ate this sandwich, my mouth went dry faster than a ferret eating 13 cotton balls. Yes, that makes no sense, but a sandwich with peanut butter needs SOMETHING with moisture."

    My take: Cooley's a great player, and a lot of fun as a blogger. As a chef, though, he apparently doesn't cut the mustard.

  • My take: I guess with Jake Delhomme at the helm it's probably not surprising Panthers' fans have a healthy amount of interest in Vick.

  • Ronde Barber Still Silent - Buc 'Em
    Buc 'Em: "Earlier this off-season, Ronde Barber made it known that he was boycotting the media, due to their criticism of his play last year. He had/has no intentions of granting interviews or giving sound bites and is planning on "letting his play speak for itself".

    My take: A Barber who won't talk to the media? Tiki's TV career is in the toilet. Maybe Ronde will do an interview with his brother to help him out.

  • 2009 San Francisco 49ers: Best Case Scenario - Niners Nation
    A look at the best case scenario for the 49ers in 2009.

    My take:
    Niners Nation came up with 11-5 best-case for their team. That's not happening.
  • CSR Fan Poll: Michael Vick to Carolina? - Cat Scratch Reader

    A Carolina Panther fan poll gauging fan interest in the Panthers signing QB Michael Vick.

  • NFL Scout on Bills' O-Line: "HORRIBLE" - Buffalo Rumblings
    An NFL scout called the Buffalo Bills' re-tooled offensive line "HORRIBLE." Buffalo Rumblings doesn't necessarily blame him.

    My take: Hmmm ... and Jason Peters is now playing for the Eagles. T.O. won't be catching many balls with Trent Edwards flat on his back.