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New York Giants' Spotlight: David Diehl


There are a lot of impressive things about New York Giants' left tackle David Diehl.

  • He is incredibly versatile, having started games everywhere along the offensive line except center during his six-year career.
  • He is apparently a gifted comedian, as the video below confirms (I know I have shown this before, but it fits).

New York Giants David Diehl performs at Comix Comedy Club
  • At the risk of jinxing him, though, perhaps the most impressive thing about Diehl's Giants' career is that he has started every game in his six seasons. In fact, he has barely missed any snaps.

Pure speed rushers like DeMarcus Ware of Dallas might be Diehl's Kryptonite at the left tackle slot, but it has been Diehl's ability to handle the position admirably that has set up the Giants' dominant offensive line.

We can all hope that second-round draft pick William Beatty develops into a guy who can eventually allow Diehl to move back to his natural guard slot. That's long-range thinking, though.

If Diehl were to go down, we would likely be stuck looking at Kevin Boothe or Guy Whimper protecting Eli Manning's blind side. I shudder to think about it.

So, while we look forward to the day Diehl can move inside again, let's continue to hope he handles the outside as well in 2009 as he has the past couple of seasons.