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Land of the Giants: Toot, Toot - It's about time

  • After 33 years in the swamps of Jersey, the Giants have finally joined the 19th century with the construction of a train station at the Meadowlands complex. The line will only be open on days when big events are scheduled and will run from the Hoboken station with only one stop in between. I'm really excited for this news, because getting to the Meadowlands from Long Island has always been a hassle. Traffic is always miserable and taking the bus from Port Authority isn't much better. Even for those who won't be taking the train to Giants Stadium, this should hopefully alleviate some of the traffic, leading to a more pleasant experience for all. So kudos to the New Jersey Sports Authority and the MTA for finally getting this done.
  • gives us a Giants training camp guide with a blurb about why to go and a list of things to do in the Albany area, as well as links to the schedule and a map/directions to the complex. I'm a little disappointed that I'm gonna be passing through Albany three days before camp begins, but considering I've already convinced my girlfriend to go to Cooperstown and a minor league baseball game on our vacation, I doubt she'd be willing to stop anyway.
  • The "new Cincinnati Bengals" surprisingly have no interest in convicted felon Michael Vick. In other non-news, the Giants are also downplaying their interest in signing OJ Simpson to a long-term contract.
  • Corey Webster answers Mike Garafolo's summer questionnaire, pegging safety Michael Johnson as a sleeper breakout player for the 2009 season and discussing his goals for the season. I'm expecting big things from Webster this year, and if he's right about Johnson the secondary could be a real strength for the first time in a really long time.
  • Finally, lists the Giants WR battle as the second most intriguing position battle in the NFC. As sick as I am all the wide receiver talk this offseason, I am legitimately interested in how it's going to break down once camp gets going. At this point I almost feel like any of the seven or eight guys competing could end up at any slot from #1 receiver to practice squad. Nicks, Smith, and Hixon are probably safe from the practice squad, but there's no guarantee that any of them will be the #1 guy. The rest is all up for grabs. Should be fun to watch. All I know is I'm ready for football to get here.