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Land of the Giants: Tickets, anyone?


Haven't run a notebook in a few days, and there is some stuff to catch up on. So, here goes.

"Those seats are outside the field of play, which means they are more of an end zone seat than a sideline seat," the letter reads. "After having an opportunity to sit in those seats, we feel strongly that we should create a different price point."

Here is a little more from the Post.

The Giants, co-owned by Mara and Steve Tisch, have sold out every game in their 33-year history at Giants Stadium, thanks to a legendary 140,000-person waiting list. The team has already made one pass through the massive list and will make a second pass this summer with news of the price cut.

If that doesn't sell the remaining seats -- scattered throughout the lower and middle levels -- the team has not ruled out mounting a public marketing campaign. If it comes to that, it will mark the first time in a generation -- about 33 years -- that Giants season tickets would become widely available.

Mara can spin it any way he wants. Truth is, like the New York Yankees before them, the Giants over-estimated the depth of their fans' pockets. It is only 4,000 seats, but it's pretty amazing that any are available considering how long some people have waited.

  • Great news from Uni Watch! The awful, disturbing red alternate jersey has been retired by the Giants. Hooray!
  • This came from the Chicago Sun-Times via the Dallas Morning News, and it wasn't written with the Giants in mind. It's a breakdown of Super Bowl winners showing that it is not necessary to have an elite Pro Bowl wide receiver to win a championship. I don't have to explain why that applies to our Giants.
  • Rookie offensive tackle William Beatty says there are a lot of similarities between Tom Coughlin and Beatty's college coach at Connecticut, Randy Edsall. So, we should not expect Beatty to be late for any meetings.
  • A Boston writer wants us to entertain the idea that the Giants are the new Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL. I think writers from Boston should be worrying about the Yankees breathing down the necks of the Red Sox these days instead of how Jerry Reese does his job.
  • On a brighter note,'s Ed Thompson thinks Eli Manning is headed for a huge season. I hope he's right.