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Valentine's Views: Thoughts for a lazy Sunday


Some random thoughts about the NFL for a Sunday.

  • I think those of you who are rooting for the Giants to bring in linebacker Derrick Brooks are well-meaning, but misguided. Brooks is quite obviously not the player he once was, and I can't help but think about Carlos Emmons and LaVar Arrington when I think of him. The Giants have built a great team bringing in players with futures, not pasts, and I want to see it stay that way.
  • So, the NFL's ultimate drama queen says he will make up his mind about whether or not to play for the Minnesota Vikings by the end of this month. It's to the point where I hope he comes back -- and plays absolutely terrible football. Oh, and I also think the Vikings are seriously overestimating the kind of quarterback they appear to be getting.
  • With Derrick Ward now in Tampa Bay, Blogging the Boys is wondering if the Cowboys have the best three-headed running back monster in the league. Today, I can't really argue. I think, though, that Ahmad Bradshaw, Danny Ware and rookie Andre Brown will do just fine caddying for Brandon Jacobs. And yes, I know that would make it a four-headed monster. My math skills stink, but not that much.
  • I think I need to pass along 'kudos' to our Washington Redskins blog, Hogs Haven. HH says it's clear who the favorite should be in the NFC East -- and they wear blue (when they don't stupidly wear red, that is).

Is it just me or are the Dallas Cowgirls and the Philadelphia Eagles getting way too much press this off-season? The Giants are the class of the NFC East and I don't think it is close. They get Osi Umenyiora back this season to bolster an already violent pass rush. Eli, in all of his toothy glory, is good enough to guide that offense to more than enough points to stake that defense to a lead they can protect. They are well-coached, they have an excellent ground game with a punishing feature back in Brandon Jacobs and they picked up a wide receiver that I fear is going to have a pretty good year in Hakeem Nicks (and let's hope Ramses Barden still needs a LOT of polish.) The potential for major slippage from the last couple years is minimal with this squad.

  • We pick on Tony Romo a lot here at BBV, but I have to give him a little credit when it's due. This little spot the Dallas QB did is pretty funny. 'Kudos' to Extra Mustard.

  • I think new Broncos' coach Josh McDaniels is already losing his team. Seems several Broncos' players don't trust him. If the players don't trust the coach and buy in to what he wants, the team doesn't win. Maybe McDaniels wasn't ready for this job.