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Land of the Giants: Only #45(!?!?) Edition

Today's Land of the Giants entry is coming to you from a cracked computer monitor that has left less than a quarter of my screen visible, so I apologize in advance for the brevity of the entry - spending more than about 10 minutes trying to read/type stuff on what amounts to a 3 inch monitor results in intense headaches.

  • This was from about two weeks ago, but ranked each franchise in the four major sports and ranked them on a number of criteria including ownership, coaching, stadiums, and "title track." The Giants clocked in at #45, which seems a little low to me, especially considering the Anaheim Angels are the #1 overall team.
  • More from, where the Football Outsiders consider Corey Webster one of ten under the radar players who are already stars.
  • Another one from, looking at the salary cap figures for each of the NFC East teams and determining which players have the most to live up to.
  • Finally, ProFootballWeekly tells us to beware of rookie wide receivers, but does peg Hakeem Nicks as one of three rookie WRs with a chance to contribute right away. Let's hope
  • Actually, one last thing: if you've got your computer monitor resting on a ledge, make sure it's securely on there before you crawl under the desk to mess around with the wires. Broken monitors are no fun.