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It's a Micah Rucker story!


Came across an article from his hometown paper throwing a little love at New York Giants' wide receiver hopeful Micah Rucker, the 6-foot-6 receiver who is a bit of a cult hero here at BBV.

Since the fine folks at the News Press in Southwest Florida were kind enough to mention one of Big Blue View's Rucker masterpieces, I have to give a little shout back to them.

I did learn a couple of things about Rucker in the piece.

One, he feels like he has a chance to make the squad despite the numbers seemingly being stacked against him.

"Things seem to be pretty open ... It's a pretty good situation. All I really want is to be healthy and have a chance to compete.''

Two, Rucker's girlfriend was killed by a drunk driver and he was involved in starting the Mothers Against Drunk Driving chapter at his alma mater, Eastern Illinois.

Rucker seems like a good guy. Hard to root against him, even though it seems he has almost no chance of making the team unless a bunch of guys get hurt.