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Valentine's Views: Random Sunday thoughts


Here are a few football-related thoughts for a gorgeous July Sunday. A day, by the way, when we should be thinking about something besides football.

  • So, Chad OchoCinco (OchoStinko?, OchoIdiot-o? OchoSelfishJerk-o?) wants to Twitter during games and says he is going to do it whether he has the NFL's blessing or not. What happened to all that dedication Ocho has been blabbering about, talking about helping the hapless Bengals improve on last season's 4-11-1 mark? Or, maybe trying to catch more than 53 balls? Instead, Ocho is going to worry about 'tweeting.' Thank God ge is not a New York Giant.
  • I can't stop laughing when I think about Greg Ellis and his claims that DeMarcus Ware would hide from the Dallas coaching staff so he could get more playing time. The Cowboys used to be a football team. Now, they are a circus act. And probably a bad sideshow at that.
  • Bleeding Green Nation's JasonB couldn't leave the topic alone after taking a shot at Giants' linebacker Michael Boley the other day. He also had to take one at General Manager Jerry Reese. Boley's actions in allegedly beating his wife are indefensible. Reese, though, I will defend. I am sure he studied Boley thoroughly before deciding whether or not the guy was a troublemaker. He wouldn't be a Giant if Reese thought he was, or that his character was a long-term concern. Boley made a mistake -- a bad one -- and he will be punished for it.
  • The UFL will implement some "rule enhancements" for its inaugural season. The one I am interested in is that both teams will get to possess the ball during an overtime. I am curious to see how that works out.
  • Congrats to Giants' tight end Kevin Boss, who got married a week or so ago. Oh, and 'kudos' to his new bride, who let him work out (well, yes, that way, too -- but we are talking football here), then cut they honeymoon short so he could get back home and get ready for training camp.
  • Nice piece by summarizing 25 summer sports bargains. Visiting an NFL training camp makes the list.
  • The clip below really has nothing to do with football (although it does include a T.O. sighting). I found it on the amazing Joe Posnanski's blog, though, and thought it was too hilarious not to pass it along.

  • One other non-football note. Best wishes to Phil Mickelson and his wife, Amy. Mickelson is skipping the British Open to be with his wife, who recently had breast cancer surgery.