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Fred Robbins updates his blog, manages not to tell us anything


Got a note Thursday from Fred Robbins' marketing people that FredRob had updated the blog on his Web site. Nice, I thought! Some news on how No. 98 is coming along after off-season microfracture surgery on his knee.

So Fred, how is that knee?

I’m trying to train twice a day to get ready for two-a-days. You’ve got to get your body in the routine of working out in the morning and then working out again in the afternoon.

You want your body to be ready for the season, the long haul, and you want to be in the best shape physically.

But it’s also important to be in the right state of mind mentally. Before training camp you want to spend a lot of time with your family and friends because once training camp starts that’s all over for a while.

The knee, Fred? Is it gonna be ready for camp?

Mini camp is where a team starts building the foundation for the season, but training camp is a step above and guys really start going all-out. Training camp is when you build on everything you learned in mini camp.

Training camp isn’t a fun time but it’s not supposed to be. It’s the worst part of the season but it’s supposed to be hard so when it’s time to play the games you’re ready.

FRED! The knee, Fred! What can you tell us about THE KNEE?

A lot of guys dread training camp but also look forward to it because this is where the team comes together. Day in and day out the guys really bond because you’re together on the practice field, in the cafeteria, and when you’re just relaxing. It builds camaraderie.

There’s great leadership on this team, a lot of guys who work hard and have fun doing it. And Coach Coughlin and all the coaches do a good job of not wearing our bodies down in training camp. They work us hard but keep us fresh enough to get through the preseason and the regular season and hopefully through the playoffs.

Umm ... thanks, Fred. I'm not sure what for, but thanks.