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Land of the Giants: Clark's camp

Couple of quick notes on a very slow Wednesday morning.

Danny Clark could have posed for a few photos, signed autographs and made everyone happy.

But the New York Giants linebacker and Hillcrest High School grad didn't do any of that this week at a camp he sponsored in his native Country Club Hills.

Clark instead organized discussions about sexually transmitted diseases with boys ages 12 to 18. He invited speakers to tell the girls that the way they dance at school functions doesn't give off a very ladylike vibe. He tried to show the kids that Flamin' Hot Cheetos aren't a good breakfast.

Not exactly jock stuff.

Good for Clark. It's nice to see athletes use their celebrity to try and make a real difference in people's lives.

"When you lose some veteran guys, Plaxico and Amani, guys who've been around, now it's a younger receiver corps there's more put on the quarterback. You got to make your players better."

To me, whether or not Eli can actually do that will actually determine if he is a very good quarterback or a great one.