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Rooting for Wrighster to make Giants

I have no idea if tight end George Wrighster, a 'street' free agent signed by the Giants last month, has a realistic chance to make the team this fall. I have never met him or interviewed him. Regardless, I'm rooting for the guy.

Wrighster, you see, seems like a pretty hilarious dude. Check out the recent entry below from Wrighster's blog.

About a month ago Ramses Barden was popping off on Yardbarker with these allegations that he beat me bowling. Well, the rubber met the road yesterday and I have video evidence of the outcome. I will give Ramses some credit, he did win 1 out of 3 games. All day he had been bragging about an alleged 226 he bowled a couple days before, but it was no where to be found when the cameras were rolling.

This guy showed up fully equipped with all the equipment necessary to play in a PBA television event. He had a gigantic roller bowling bag complete with two balls, two pairs of shoes, towels, powder, and all kinds of other gadgets that only professionals know how to use. I will admit I do have my own bowling bag and balls but I didn't have them yesterday, so Ramses was at a distinct advantage and I beat him down!!! I BEAT HIM DOWN!!!

P.S. Another NYG rookie Travis Beckum also beat him down!

Now that is good stuff. Even after my 'Twitter' tirade Sunday even I have to admit gems like that from an athlete are the positive side of their interaction with fans via any of the new forms of social media.

Wrighster, of course, is also on Twitter. Here's a good 'Tweet' from him. By the way, I guarantee if he makes the team somewhere along the way I will screw up Wrighster's name. Shouldn't it be 'Wrightster?' George, what happened to the missing 't?' Anyway, here's the Tweet.

Why do drugstores make sick people walk all the way to the back of the store for their prescriptions?

That's actually a good question. By the way, you want an example of why some athletes would be better off leaving the writing to the professionals, check out Barden's blog. I hope to God he's a better receiver than writer.

Wrighster is a six-year veteran who caught 39 passes for Jacksonviille in 2006.

Good luck making the team, George. I have a feeling you'd be a fun guy to have around.