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Land of the Giants: Play of the Decade Edition is spending this week doing an "all-decade" retrospective (which, in typical ESPN fashion is a year too early), and today they had NFC East blogger Matt Mosley select the best "moments" of the decade. I don't think anyone here is gonna have much argument with his choice for best play: Manning-to-Tyree. In fact, I think even TruePatsFan* would have trouble arguing with that play being the top play of the decade.

No Giants made ESPN's all-decade offensive team, but perhaps the least controversial inclusion on their all-decade defensive team was Michael Strahan (judging by the comments after the article - Strahan wasn't mentioned once, which is a good thing).

Some other Giants stories from around the 'web:

  • Some more from Matt Mosley, this time quoting Tom Coughlin on the loss of Plaxico Burress. I promised myself that I wouldn't link to anything related to Plaxico for the rest of the offseason, but I liked Mosley's take on the situation, especially the part where he predicts that our Steve Smith will make the Pro Bowl. For the record, he's now predicted Manning and Smith will be making trips to Honolulu. The Cowboys have shown us all first hand how meaningless that is, but it's still encouraging to hear that someone in the MSM has faith in the Giants passing game.
  • Mike Garafolo looks back at the Giants offseason so far, and for the most part he likes what he's seen.
  • From the NYT Fifth Down Blog: does Eli Manning deserve to be the highest paid player in the NFL? It seems there's indication that he very likely will be. Personally, I think it's pretty pointless to argue about - does Eli deserve to get paid more money than Peyton or Brady or Adrian Peterson? No, almost definitely not. But it's all about timing - next year someone else will be coming up on free agency and will get an even bigger deal than Eli, and that person probably won't be the best player in the NFL either. Just for comparison, here's a partial list of players who get paid more than Albert Pujols: Alfonso Soriano, Todd Helton, Vernon Wells, Carlos Lee, 3/4 of the Yankees infield (all but Cano), and up until this season, Ken Griffey Jr. and Jason Giambi.
  • Also from the Fifth Down Blog, football scientist KC Joyner crunches some numbers to try to figure out the Giants Red Zone struggles last year. His determinations seems to be that the Giants aren't great at man-to-man short yard blocking, but are very good blocking in space which leads to a number of big plays. That actually seems to make sense when thinking about the Giants run game from last year. Lots of big plays, but sometimes they would get stuffed on the short yardage stuff, even outside the red zone.

*For those of you who weren't around BBV during the Super Bowl run, TruePatsFan was the king of all trolls, who wouldn't even admit that there was a tiny microfraction of a chance that the Giants could win the game. Amazingly, he never made a post after the game. If you're feeling bored and are in the mood for some amusement, click this link and read through some of his comments during the two week run up to Super Bowl XLII.