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Random thoughts for a Sunday


Here are a few of the things I am thinking about on this glorious Father's Day. Of course, we'll skip putting the dock in at camp and that nice, marinated steak that is going to be on my barbecue grill later on this afternoon.

We are. after all, here to talk sports.

  • I think I am not going to worry about those Eli Manning contract talks. They will get done eventually, and eli will sign a gargantuan contract that will make him the Giants' quarterback for the rest of his career. Then everyone will scream that he is overpaid. So, who cares?
  • I think I got a chuckle out of some writers being concerned about the Giants cutting Rashad Barksdale when they signed Stoney Woodson the other day. Yeah, Barksdale had a great impact on the practice squad in 2008. Reality is, I like Barksdale and I root for him since he went to UAlbany. But, the Giants are a good football team. A very good football team. By the time they are down to a 53-man roster they will cut a lot of very good players who will wind up on the rosters of other NFL teams.
  • I think the stuff about the Cowboys asking tubby Tony Romo to lose weight, and the job our man Jim did in dealing with that in the Wednesday Walk, is funny stuff. I know you hate the Cowboys, but you have to admit they are great entertainment.
  • I think The National Football Post is the best football Web site on the planet. If you claim to be a football fan and you aren't reading it, I am questioning your football fan membership card.
  • I think all this conspiracy theory stuff about why Alex Rodriguez is taking a couple of days off while the Yankees are playing the Marlins -- in A-Rod's hometown of South Florida -- is just a bunch of foolishness.
  • I think I don't care how many shots behind the leader Tiger Woods is heading into play today at the U.S. Open. If the world's greatest golfer makes a couple of birdies early in the round everyone will be paying attention. If he doesn't everyone -- especially network TV execs -- will be disappointed.
  • I think that when an agent like Scott Boras thinks he is within his rights to publicly criticize a manager's lineup decisions it's an example of how screwed up sports has become.