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Land of the Giants: Injuries frustrate TC

Our New York Giants finished last night with a little Tom Coughlin inspired team bonding at Yankee Stadium.

Coughlin was cool with taking in Wednesday's Yankees-Washington Nationals game.

He wasn't cool with the other form of team bonding that took place Wednesday. That's because there were far too many players -- 14 in all -- just hanging out on the sidelines and not participating in the mini-camp practices due to injuries. Several rookies were among those not working out.

"There are different degrees of strains, but we've been looking at a couple of young guys that have been out forever," Coughlin said. "Why they're not progressing to the point they can come back ..."

The frustration in Coughlin's voice was evident as he failed to find the words to complete that sentence. He then added: "There's such a short window to work with them and when they miss that amount of time it hurts them."

  • The Giants' practice facility has a sponsor now, as it will be called the Timex Performance Center. The Giants and Jets, however, will wait for the right offer before announcing a a naming rights deal for their new stadium.
  • Mike Garafolo has Wednesday's practice run down. Oh, and for all of you who were looking Mario Manningham references in C.J.'s post Wednesday, Garafolo has one for you.
  • Second-year safety Kenny Phillips hopes to grow into an impact every-down player in 2009. Phillips has gained 15 pounds. More importantly, though, he says he has gained an understanding of what is happening on the field.

Phillips is hoping his increased awareness will put him in a better position before the throw so that his athleticism will help make the play -- not just keep him in it.

"You can see it coming now," he said of the wide receivers' routes.

During organized team activities, Phillips would see the receiver trying to fake the flag route to the sideline before running a post up the middle.

"I just run straight to the post and pick it off," Phillips said. "It just comes with playing time and experience."

And confidence.

"I'm not Ed Reed, but I feel I can make those same plays," Phillips said of his fellow former Miami Hurricanes safety. "You're a rookie and you don't want to go out there and start running around and trying to do stuff when you're not even starting. I was a little hesitant, but this year, I'm all in."