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Sinorice Moss making waves -- seriously

Can it really be true? Can Sinorice Moss, whose first three Giants' seasons resulted in a disappointing total of 38 catches, really be stepping up now that Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer are gone?

We kept hearing about Moss during the OTAs. Now, after Tuesday's first day of mini-camp, the diminutive speedster is again drawing raves.

Here is coach Tom Coughlin. (See the full transcript of his post-practice press conference)

Q: Sinorice has gotten behind the defense a couple of times. He was more of a possession guy in previous years.

A: That was never – one of the reasons he was here was because he could run. And that was a very, very important part of his makeup – his quickness and his speed and that type of thing. He has gotten behind the secondary a few times this spring. And he has obviously created some excitement on our part in watching him do that.

Q: Does his speed make up for some of the things that maybe he can’t do because of his height?

A: I don’t know what he can’t do. We would like to see the full gamut of what he can do and then for Sinorice to just keep getting better. He has accepted that challenge and he has a great attitude about it. His confidence has to be buoyed by what he has done this spring.

Here is Moss, talking about the opportunity. (See the full transcript)

Q: Tom just told us this spring should be a big boost to your confidence. Has it been?

A: It has been a big boost to my confidence but I feel like I have approached this spring like I have approached every spring – just trying to come out here and progress every week and every day and do what I have to do to show these coaches that I’m here on this team for a reason.

Q: For a couple of years there it seemed like you were the forgotten man, whether it was being inactive or you were not getting the reps in practice. Is it good to know now that you are getting their attention and whatever you are doing is catching their eye?

A: Yeah, it is great to know that I’m getting their attention. There were times when I really didn’t know what to say but I went out every day and I practiced hard and I went out every day and did what I had to do so that I could continue to show these coaches that I’m on this team to make plays and help this team.

Sinorice Moss? Possibly forcing his way into a full-fledged role in the Giants' passing attack? Really? Who'd a thunk it? Amazing!

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