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Land of the Giants, 06.12.09

We will stick with the 'Land of the Giants' headline for now. Anyway, on with today's Giants' notes, of which there are plenty since reporters had access to Thursday's OTA.

Let's start with the various practice reports from some of the beat guys.

Now let's move on to a few other items of note.

"I've been into boxing a long time, boxing is something that has driven me very much," said Jacobs, who still tries to spar in the gym once in a while.

"I've been wanting to get into the business after I was done playing. If I didn't fight, I wanted to get into the promotion business, but I hear from people that's a lot of headache, so I wanted to do something that was more personable with the fighters."

And here I thought no one under the age of 50 gave a hoot about boxing any more.

"If you've been in one place for more than a couple of years, you have to adjust to how things are different here," Boley said recently. "The players have taken me in like family. Any time you get a new opportunity to show somebody else what you can do, I think that's great. Especially coming from where I was last year. Not taking anything away from Atlanta, but this is a great organization, a great team and I'm loving it."

Boley will move from strong side in Atlanta to weak side in New York.

Considered in Atlanta as a future Pro Bowler, Boley started all 16 games in 2007 -- he never missed a game in four years with the Falcons -- and had a career-high 109 tackles. A new coaching regime arrived last year and Boley either had trouble making the adjustment or the new staff had difficulty recognizing Boley's attributes. Eventually, he lost his starting job and was benched on first and second downs. The Falcons said they made the move because they wanted to fortify their run defense.

"I guess if you really look at it, apparently I didn't fit," Boley said. "After they made changes, they said this is what we think is going to be best for the team. As a player you can't do anything about it. You have to accept coaching, accept what they give you and try to play to the best of your ability."

Boley lined up on the strong side with the Falcons, a tough assignment considering at 6-foot-3 he's a slender 223 pounds.

"They said something along the lines that I wasn't aggressive enough for them," Boley said. "The scheme we did last year, it wasn't a whole lot of aggressive attack defense, it was more base coverage, man-up, play some sound technique and let's make some plays. That was how they felt, I think at this point I can't be in a better situation."

If Boley approaches being the player he was before last season the Giants will be very happy to have him.