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Land of the Giants, 06.11.09


Here are several stories of interest to New York Giants' fans.

  • FOX Sports is out with its list of the Top 99 players (why 99 instead of 100?) for 2009. Here is how the Giants rank:

    Eli Manning (17, with only 5 QBs ahead of him), Justin Tuck (34), Osi Umenyiora (35), Brandon Jacobs (70).
  • Up to this point, I admit I have been able to find out very little about the two cornerbacks the Giants took with their last two picks in recent NFL draft, sixth-rounder DeAndre Wright and seventh-rounder Stoney Woodson. Well, Giant Insider has provided some help, with features on Wright and Woodson.

    Insider, unfortunately, is subscription-based meaning you may not be able to see the full article from the links I provided.

    Here is a little bit about Wright, from Insider.
  • Like his seventh-round rookie classmate, Stoney Woodson, Wright also is considered an ‘eye’ corner by the Giants – he’s got the size (5-11, 198) and speed (4.52) to open your eyes. He also has talent as a kick returner and something intangible, but very welcome when it comes to sticking in the NFL – toughness.

    How else do you explain a guy that played his final college game against Colorado State with two badly injured shoulders, one separated just two weeks earlier when making an acrobatic interception against Utah?

    His reason for coming back so quickly says a lot about his love for the game and his respect for his teammates.

    "I knew I was going to have surgery after the season, but I wanted to play with my team for the final game," Wright explained.

    Even though another hit might worsen the separated shoulder and hurt his future?

    "I wasn’t thinking about jeopardizing my pro career," he said. "The NFL stands for Not For Long, so I wasn’t thinking about what it might mean if I got hurt. I just enjoyed playing every moment there at
    at New Mexico, so I wanted to have another moment by playing in that final game."

    Here is a little about Woodson, also from Insider.

    At 5-11, 197, with 4.5 speed, Woodson has the measurables you want in a corner and safety, both positions he played in college.

    "He’s what we call an eye corner," Giants Director of College Scouting Marc Ross said. "Guys that have size and speed and that’s what he has. A real competitive kid."

    Playing in the SEC, arguably the most talented and competitive conference in college football, Woodson knows all about playing against a bevy of future NFL stars.

    As a fifth-year senior, Woodson saw plenty of action: 12 games his redshirt freshmen year; all 13 games as a sophomore and junior; and 10 games as a senior, due to a hamstring injury.

    "Playing in the SEC, the speed was pretty fast," Woodson said. "Teams were good and a lot of the players were great. But, even though the speed of the game here is much faster, I think that helped."

    With veteran backups Sam Madison and R.W. McQuarters gone from the Giants' secondary there is room for at least one of these guys to make the team this fall. They will be worth paying attention to once camp starts in August.

Here are a few other noteworthy stories.

  • Remember when Tiki Barber was going to be a TV superstar? Well, The Fifth Down noted a couple of days ago that Barber is now being called "the TV equivalent of General Motors." Somehow, I can't feel bad about it.
  • Our man George Cronin brought this story about the importance of offensive tackles to my attention. Not completely Giants-related, but it does make you appreciate David Diehl and understand how important Wiliam Beatty could be one day.
  • The Jets are apparently serious about signing Plaxico Burress if he is cleared to play in 2009.
  • 'Simms-McConkey' is right that the folks at NFL Touchdown could use some serious copy-editing help. Regardless, some of their stuff interesting. Like this piece stating that Mario Manningham and Mathias Kiwanuka could be breakout players in 2009. By the way 'Simms,' you have a full-time job. If the folks at 'Touchdown' want the help, I'm available.
  • Mike Garafolo says defensive tackle Barry Cofield did not have microfracture surgery on his knee.
  • Hakeem Nicks, the Giants' No. 1 draft choice, will throw out the first pitch tonight at Citi Field before the New York Mets host the Philadelphia Phillies. Nicks has apparently never been to a major league game.

By the way, you guys like the new name for our Giants' notebook? Just calling it 'notebook' seems way too boring.