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Giants to begin rookie mini-camp

The newest New York Giants hit the field for the first time today when the Giants begin their two-day rookie mini-camp.

I know you guys are hungry for some real football action. Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News warns everyone not to put too much emphasis on anything that happens today and Saturday.

What happens this weekend almost certainly won’t matter. This weekend is about the coaches throwing the entire kitchen sink at the rookies, to see what they can absorb and how fast they can learn. It’s about seeing who among the tryouts and UDFAs will sink or swim. And it’s about getting everybody a little taste of the speed of the game before it gets notched up even higher at the full team mini-camp that begins on June 16.

So if Hakeem Nicks or Ramses Barden come in with a case of the drops, don’t start screaming for Braylon Edwards. And if they come in and it turns out that none of the corners can cover them, don’t start asking “Plaxico who?”

Agreed. It will be nice to hear about what these guys do on the field for a couple of days, but nothing at all will be proven.

Mike Garafolo also has a mini-camp preview, including his thoughts on players he is looking forward to seeing in action.