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Giants, Eagles: Beasts of the East

Even in Dallas the realization is beginning to set in. Our New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles are clearly the class of the NFC East -- and probably the entire NFC.

Bleeding Green Nation's 'JasonB' and I agreed on this the other day in our Q&A. Now, courtesy of Yahoo! Sports, we know that the Dallas Morning News sees the same thing. In fact, it lists the Patriots and Giants as the NFL's two best teams.

Here is DMN's Rick Gosselin.

The Arizona Cardinals are the defending NFC champions.

But don't be fooled. The two best teams in the NFC as the 80-player rosters gather for minicamps and the off-season programs in May are the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles.

Only three NFL teams finished in the NFL's top 10 in both offense and defense last season – the New England Patriots, Giants and Eagles. All have improved themselves this off-season. So pencil in the Patriots with a healthy Tom Brady as the favorite in the AFC and the Giants and Eagles as the teams to beat in the NFC.

Off-season speculation like this will, of course, be meaningless in a few months when the action starts on the field. It sure does feel nice, though.