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Super Bowl in London? Please, no

There is a report out today that London is bidding to host the Super Bowl as soon as 2014.

This annoys me on soooo many levels it isn't funny. I guess I don't blame them for bidding, but what really annoys me is I would think this has a good chance of happening. NFL Commish Roger Goodell loves the idea of internationalizing the game, and I'm sure it would bring in huge money (while, of course, freezing out most normal fans).

Argh! A storied franchise like our Giants has absolutely zero shot at hosting a Super Bowl, but a place like London which doesn't know squat about the game will probably get one.

Here are a couple of other stories that also annoy me, since I seem to have now put myself in a crappy mood.

  • That 'retired' QB I won't name seems more and more likely to be under center for the Minnesota Vikings this fall. The guy is a joke.
  • Peter King has fallen in love with the Eagles draft. I have to give the Eagles credit, but I have no doubt the Giants also did well.