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Spotlight: BBV interviews Danny Ware

Danny Ware runs in a 2008 pre-season game.

Derrick Ward in Tampa Bay? Ahmad Bradshaw seen as the consensus No. 2 back behind Brandon Jacobs? Andre Brown drafted in the 4th round, ostensibly to take some of those carries Ward left behind?

Danny Ware isn't worrying about any of that. In a recent conversation with 'Big Blue View,' the 24-year-old Ware makes it obvious that all he wants is a chance to play.

"I am really excited about this opportunity," Ware said during a recent phone interview."All I'm going to do is work and work and work and do whatever they ask me to do. I've been ready to get on the field for two years."

Technically, Ware did get on the field in 2008, playing special teams quite a bit as the season progressed. Yet, buried behind a bevy of good backs he carried the ball just twice for 15 yards.

In a recent entry on his blog, Ware wrote this about his 2008 season.

I would rate last season a 3 on a scale of 1-10. I feel I was born and bred to run the ball and play on offense, but last year we had so many running backs I played mostly on special teams. I contributed, but not the way I want to.

"I am really excited about this opportunity. All I am gonna do is work and work and work and do whatever they ask me to do. I've been ready to get on the field for two years."

-- Danny Ware


Ware said he knew heading into the recent NFL Draft that the Giants might take a running back. They did, grabbing North Carolina State's Andre Brown in the fourth round. That's OK with Ware.

I kinda went into the draft thinking they were gonna get a back," he said. "I stated time and time again I don’t feel like they had to … if they did I was gonna be prepared for it … my mindset is still that I'm gonna get on that field and show 'em they got all they need.”

Ware expressed similar confidence in another recent blog entry.

We used a 4th round pick to take a running back. Naturally, guys are going to worry about their jobs and some guys will be on edge. It doesn’t put a scare into me because I know I go out there and work hard every day. It’s going to be a while before he can get carries, he has to learn the offense and it will take him a little while. But I heard he’s pretty good.

Listen, this is a business, but I’ll help the guy out because we’re here to win and we’re a team. But I’m also competing with him. I feel like I can replace Derrick Ward all day every day, they don’t have to bring in someone else to get those carries. So it’s kind of hard knowing that they used a fourth round pick on a back and they’re probably going to have to give him some playing time.

Ware went undrafted after graduating from Georgia in 2007, and was cut by the Jets and Titans before hooking on with the Giants. Last pre-season, Ware excited Giants' fans by averaging 5.5 yards per carry on 33 attempts.

I asked him what kind of player Giants fans could expect to see in 2009. Here is what he said.

"I know how to find the holes and get in and out and stuff. I've got a little power and a little speed. I can catch the ball out wide ... anything they want me to do," Ware said. "If I can get 10-12 touches a game I feel confident I can get close to that 100-yard mark. I just need the opportunity."

He just might get it in 2009.

-- Be sure to stop by Ware's Web site, where you will find lots of cool stuff. You can also check out several other player Web Sites via

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