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Touring SB Nation on a slow Saturday


Not much New York Giants' stuff to talk about today, so let's go Touring the Nation and see what the other fine football bloggers around these parts have been writing about.

  • Windy City Gridiron, our Bears' blog, took advantage of the slow season to show some You Tube clips of the great Gale Sayers. I don't care what team you are a fan of, spending a few minutes watching Sayers run is always worth the time.
  • Buc 'Em, our Tampa Bay blog, says the team's running backs are calling themselves 'The Four Horsemen.' First of all, using that nickname is sacrilege in my eyes. Secondly can't Derrick Ward go anywhere without being part of a group of backs with some type of nickname?
  • Blogging the Boys wonders what exactly 'Romo-friendly' is supposed to mean.
  • Turf Show Times is wondering about Marc Bulger's future as quarterback of Steve Spagnuolo's St. Louis Rams.
  • Forget Ben Roethlisberger vs. Eli Manning. Behind the Steel Curtain is sparring over a Big Ben vs. Carson Palmer debate. No need to get involved, but kinda fun to sit on the sidelines and watch that one unfold.
  • Bolts from the Blue, covering the San Diego Chagers, wonders what Norv Turner will have to do to keep his job.
  • It's insanely early, but our friends at Mocking The Draft, have taken a stab at a 2010 Mock Draft already.