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New York Giants' notebook, 05.29.09


Here are a few stories floating around the Inter-Google today that relate to our New York Giants.

  • Giants' radio voice Bob Papa is saying that Plaxico Burress turned down a plea deal on his gun possession charges because he would have had to serve a couple of months in Rikers Island. I wouldn't want to spend time at Rikers either, but you have to wonder if maybe by now Plax has figured out just how badly he screwed this up.
  • Giants tackle David Diehl talks about his experience at the Comix Comedy Club, and the Giants wide receiver situation, in his latest blog post.
  • It probably doesn't mean much of anything for the Giants, but Anquan Boldin is hiring Eli Manning's agent, Tom Condon, to represent him.
  • Matt Bowen of The National Football Post looks at NFC East impact players.
  • has video chats with Kevin Gilbride and Bill Sheridan.